Wether it is IT or Technology Strategy you need, Metisak have the answers;  drawing from experience in many different sections, the team can put together a proposal that will see you through the rapids of Technology.

We understand and combine business needs with practical and solid foundations to grow your business with technology commensurate with your needs.

Product & Programme delivery
Product & Programme delviery

Need help in your Product delivery roadmap.  Metisak are experienced at delivery time and time again, delivering International programmes and projects worth millions at a time in often mission critical environments.

If you need to deliver time and time again Metisak can give your teams the tools to make it happen time and time again

Critical Technical Change is a specialism for Metisak.  We developed our Critical Technical Change Manual based on over 20 years of experience of Critical Technical Change in mission critical organisations.

Where you cannot afford downtime learn how to do it properly with Metisak

Critical Technical Change
Business Continuity
Cyber Risk
Visual Business Risk Mapping

Metisak developed an innovative  method of generating and assessing risk using collaborative visual technique, which is now being adopted all over the world.

Visual Business Risk Mapping and Outcome Based Risk Mapping are just two of those techniques.

Save money, and get people interested in Risk and Risk Management.   

To learn about Visual Risk Mapping contact us

Cyber risk is in the news, but what do you need and who can you trust?

Metisak will be clear and concise in explaining exactly what issues you have, and provide with a vulnerability analysis,  needs analysis, along with insight and a proposal for how to move forwards to protect yourself from the latest ongoing issues.

Metisak is a company you can trust to give you honest, proven Business Continuity advice. 

We can give you innovative ways of showing your own people how to create the very solutions you need to ensure your business is sustainable, whilst inputting good practice from other companies and organisations.


Technology, including IT, can be a great business enabler, but also a considerable risk to your business.  Metisak is able to provide advice that you can trust in creating a technology strategy around your products, systems, networks and communications.  We also have considerable experience of Cyber and Business Continuity Management Systems, both of which are vital for ALL businesses  and organisations.  


High profile failures in Companies and IT systems millions in lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, that can last years and, of course, lead a loss in share price.

Metisak is a company you can trust to give you honest advice, with solutions that have been proven to work.