Technology has been David's passion after designing and delivering an early networked computer system in 1982  through to strategic planning and delivering on those strategies.

Experience in many industries helps David see the bigger picture as a qualified technologist and Human Resources Practioner.

David has been delivering Leadership Programmes and developing key leaders in many different organisations for many years.

"David is one of those rare breeds that can align the People and the Technology, delivering exactly what we need"

Technology does not sit on its own but with the people

Companies continually look for solutions to the challenges of business in technology and, whilst this is vital it is completely wasted if the people are not considered in the whole solution. David has been brought in so many times to make sure that people are considered a part of a solution that does not need to be too complex.

Collaboration between stakeholders and communications between groups who see the world from different views is often the secret to a successful IT Programme Delivery.

David has promoted collaboration throughout his professional career.

The pace of change often leaves companies behind.  David keeps up to date with the latest technology and with a keen eye on the vision for the future.  


We deliver solutions that really work in the real world, not just on paper