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Cyber Security is People, Process and Technology


It is essential to keep your Cyber Security posture strong and not by only focussing on the Technology but the capability of your people as well.

David Tinney is a resilience specialist, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP), ISO/IEC 27001 Senior Lead Auditor, Technology leader and a Chartered HR Professional (FCIPD) .

He strongly believes in the concept of assessing digital risk holistically and continues to work delivering advice not only in the technology Cyber world but also aligning it with people and processes from the smallest to the FTSE 30 organisations.


He is an author and  regular speaker at conferences.

See his new book - The Power of Advanced Questioning (available on Amazon)


David Tinney CISSP, ISO 27001 Senior Lead Auditor, Chartered FCIPD, AMBCI.   


Metisak is an organisation with you in mind. We help organisations and individuals develop and implement improvements in the most fast moving technology environments.

Our specialities include IT, technology, cyber, leadership, management, risk and personal mastery.

Our experience brings forward a unique holistic approach to solve modern day business problems.


Technology sits in partnership with the human side of business and does not stand alone.

The solutions we offer will always consider the Technology alongside how to take your people with you.

  • GDPR consultancy and support;

  • Information Technology Strategic Planning;

  • Business Risk Mapping using Visual Risk Mapping(TM);

  • Programme Risk Mapping using Outcome Based Risk Mapping(TM) ;

  • Cyber Security Strategy & Planning Continuity;

  • Cyber Security Operations Management;

  • Preparation for ISO27001 audit;

  • Risk Management ;

  • Technology Programme Review;

  • Critical Technology Change Review;

  • ​Leadership in Technology Coaching​;

  • Business Mentoring and Coaching;

  • Strategic Planning HR in Technology;